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About Career center

The ISM Career Center helps every student own his/her career. In cooperation with the best Lithuanian and international companies, we organize meetings with business representatives, and during individual consultations we help you choose an organization according to your aspirations, needs and strengths.

Taking into account economic and technological changes and the latest trends, we aim to enable students and graduates to quickly discover successful career opportunities and build their professional network from the first year of studies.

Our services

  • Career consultations
  • Work and internship opportunities
  • Events, seminars and discussions
  • Meetings with companies

We are proud of the results

  • 60 % Students are employed during their studies
  • 98 % Graduates are employed in their study field
  • 33 % Students own a business

For students: Own your career from the first day

By joining the ISM community, you have taken the first step towards a fulfilling career, and we promise to help you plan and achieve it. 

We believe that being ambitious is great, but you should also be strategic. To fast-track your career you have got to hit the ground running from day one. 

ISM is here to help you with a new generation career development program. 

Do not risk anything, get ready for your successful career from the 1st day at the university. 

Personal career path

1st year

Build your personal career roadmap and set the targets for the upcoming years during Personal and Career Development course

Visit your future employers at their offices and build connections

2nd year

Get professional career consultations

Get your early internship offers and personalized feedback after

3rd year

Choose the best offer to start your career during annual career day event ISM DRAFT

Get mentorship from a field professional

4th year

Continue your communication with companies’ representatives using an app

Continue learning new skills

For business: ISM career partner platform

In today’s competitive market, ISM comes with the offer to help attract new talents from the field.

We believe an efficient educational partnership is synonymous with growth. Help students own their careers while working on the skills development you want to find among your employees in the future.

We offer a modern way to be closer to the students from their 1st day at the university (and even before)

Value for businesses

  • Meetings with the first-year students
  • Internship and job offering solution on our platform and website (unlimited)
  • Participation in ISM career days (ISM DRAFT) – 1on1 meeting with students
  • Participation in the study process
  • Continues communication and information sharing via platform all year round directly to the students
  • Data gathering from your activities with the students
  • Visibility on our website, platform, and social media channels

Career consultations

Are you studying at ISM and have questions related to your career or its development? Need advice on preparing a CV or writing a cover letter? Register for a consultation! During it, we will help:

  • Get to know yourself and self-assess your future career direction
  • Review and edit your resume and cover letter
  • Consider internship/job search opportunities
  • Evaluate job/internship offers
  • Prepare for a job interview
Start your career while still at university

Career Center Contacts

Career Center
ISM University of Management and Economics
Gedimino pr. 7, Vilnius
Phone: (+370 5) 212 3960

 Partnerysčių ir karjeros centro vadovė
Simona Saladinskė
Head of Partnerships and Career Center
+3706 821 4006
 Karjeros konsultantė ir koučerė
Justina Stukaitė
Career Consultant and Coach
+3706 186 2336
 Karjeros konsultantė
Jūratė Kalasauskaitė
Career Development Consultant
+370 610 34990